About Us

Apothecarey is a line of metaphysical bath, body, and aromatherapy products that harness the healing powers of crystals, botanicals, and essential oils.🌹
Founded in 2021 by Carey, a Healer, Intuitive Empath who, after healing her body through holistic life changes, made it her mission to create products that work to balance hormones and the delicate energy centers in the body.💫
Carey was destined to combine her passions for spiritual, holistic healing, and the beauty industry from a young age. 🌙
But it wasn’t until much later, as an adult, that she realized just how to integrate her experiences with her love of beauty, skincare, and herbal alternatives.🌻
She used this knowledge, coupled with her own healing to master the healing power of crystals, botanicals, and essential oils, and founded Apothecarey in 2021. ❤
She has found true happiness in inspiring people to live their most magical lives and sharing the power of natural ingredients and crystals with others.🔮
Apothecarey products are 100% pure organic, hand-made in Las Vegas Nevada, and are available for purchase online.